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A simple, fuss-free food diary app for the busy, lazy and unsavvy
Eat well, eat wise and eat right.
  • Keep track of your food and nutrient intake using simple notes and  everyday terms.

  • Spot patterns and trends in your dietary habits with handy chart reports.

  • Download and share your food log easily with health experts and practitioners.

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Great for those new to food diaries and anyone wanting a simple and hassle-free way of tracking their eating habits.

Three diary options now available on Google Play:​

  • Note Only: A basic version that lets you record your meals and snacks in three-hourly intervals throughout the day i.e. 6am – 9am, 9am – 12pm, 12pm – 3pm etc.


  • Note Plus: Is the basic version plus the ability to track up to three nutrients of your choice.

  • Note More: Is the version that lets you track more nutrients - a maximum of five.


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