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Improve your diet with this app

Eat Bio app intro

Eat Bio is a recently launched food diary app designed for people who are busy getting on with the stresses of everyday life but still want to stay on top of their eating habits without disrupting their current routine; lazy when it comes to changing their eating habits and just a little slow at using new technology to keep track of their daily meals and nutrient intake. In short it's an extremely straightforward and simple app to use regardless of your age and tech skills.

The simple interface lets you keep notes of your meals throughout the day using basic

data entry, view your eating patterns and trends over time with chart reports, and also

features an option to download a printable copy of your food journal which you can then

share with your doctor or health practitioner.

It's a handy tool to have especially if you're aiming to change your eating behaviours because actually noting down all your meal and snack times throughout the day forces you to take notice of your habits and routines and become more conscious of your ongoing food decisions. Over time, this increasing awareness will encourage gradual changes to your everyday diet and eventually lead to new and better habits being formed.

The basic diary comes free when you download the app (it's only available for Android at the moment), and for a few extra dollars you can upgrade and access additional features such as nutrient tracking, chart views and download reports.

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